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from police. and new details on the man's past. and what he is up to now. box two, a court date for the military psychiatrist accused of killing at food and drug administration and he is actually not allowed to plead guilty in the case. in box three, stunning images of a big cat on a rampage, a showdown between man and beast on video. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" first from fox at 3:00, new information on the mysterious deaths at the mansion in southern california. the son and the girlfriend of a powerful drug company executive, both dead, days apart after incidents at the sprawling san diego bay home. and now fox news has learned the millionaire executive at the center of this, jonah shacknai left the mansion for his other home in arizona. somebody found the body of his girlfriend hanging from a
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balcony last week with hands and feet bound. and now her sister reportedly says she doesn't believe that was a suicide. she said, come on, hands and feet bound and it's a suicide? she said the now dead girlfriend was a vibrant and loving person and would never do this, and probably couldn't. days earlier, his six-year-old son, max, fell down the stairs at mansion and he died. investigators and not rule out possibility that the two deaths are somehow connected and they are looking into reports that other people were staying in the house the night before the girlfriend died. so the mystery deepens. >>reporter: the investigators are call this "mysterious and odd," and they could be mentioned but they think the boy's death is an accident and he fell down the stairs and died on sunday and that is called an accident at this hour.
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they will not tell us what they believe and how she died but saying her death is "mysterious and odd." a statement says in part "it's important for to us take our time with the investigation, and not rush to judgment to ensure we don't miss anything," and "hopefully the evidence will tell the story." the autopsies have been completed on both victims and now they are waiting for the lab tests to come back and that usually takes six weeks in san diego and they say they expedited it and could be back by the end of next week which is roughly two weeks, four weeks ahead of schedule. >>shepard: the man who owns the house, the father of the little boy and the boyfriend of the girl who is dead has an ex-we've who lives down the street, right? >>reporter: absolutely. interesting background. investigators look into the background. he has an alibi if he is a "person of interest" or if this
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case becomes more of a possible suicide and the death of the girl we talking, and he was at the hospital holding vigil with his son all week when when the y was found. his brother had found the body. we are told that on background, there were marital problems with his second wife, the mother of that boy and they have had police called to the home a number of times. also, marital problems with the first wife. because of that, because he is a c.e.o. of a prominent pharmaceutical firm we are told a prominent p.r. firm has been hired to deal with this and put out a statement from the family about their horrible death of their young son but authorities continue to tell us it is a missturous death. they still say the suicide is possible.
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>>shepard: when you find me with my hands and feet bound and i am hang by my neck ... a official san diego police detectsive will talk about twists of the case and get insight into the police department investigation but, first, britain's press is plight and the press and political elite are under fire over the phone hacking scandal at "news of the world," and news corporation is our parent company. today, britain's prime minister forced to defend himself during an emergency session of parliament and told the lawmaker s there that he regrets the decision to hire former "news of the world," editor as his chief of communications after being accused of telling staffers to hack into people's phones. he resigned from the prime minister's office but denied involvement. >> if it turns out andy knew of the hacking of "news of the
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world," he will not only have lied to me but lied to the police, to a select committee, to the complaint commission and of course purgered himself in law. more to the point if that comes to pass he could also expect to face severe criminal charges. i have an old fashioned view about innocent until proven guilty. but if it turns out i've been lied to that would be a moment for a profound apology. >>shepard: a day after the chairman and c.e.o. measure doctor apologized for wrongdoing which the company shut down early this month at "news of the world," but denied personal responsibility. our chief correspondent is on this story from new york this afternoon. >>jonathan: the passions stirred by the phone hacking scandal were on full display in the house of commons today. british lawmakers usually shout and heckle each other in parliament but the speaker of the house charged with keeping
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order seemed shocked at the raucous nature of the debate as he defended the decision to hire former "news of the world," editor. >> i believe i have answered every question. it was my decision. hold on. it was my decision. i take responsibility. people would, of course--. >> the house will come to order here in silence the reminder of the statement. >> members of the opposition labor accuse the prime minister of being too close to rupert murdoch's news corporation pointing to the fact that he met with executives from the company more than two dozen times in the past 14 months, and the labor party leader said today the program ignored obvious concerns about andy when high appointed him as his communications chief. >> mr. speaker this cannot be
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put down to gross incompetence it was a deliberate attempt to hide from the facts. >> order! order! order! members shouting out should not do so, calm yourselves. it is better for your health and for the house. >> the prime minister, mr. speaker was caught in a conflict of loyalty, the standards and integrity that people should expect of him and his staff and his personally allegiance to the communications director. he made the wrong choice. >>jonathan: the scandal has brought down two of the top police officers in britain over allegations that cops took bribes from news of the world journalists and several news corporation executives have resigned and ten people have so far been arrested. police and parliamentary investigations are, of course,
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ongoing. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan chatting away at you can all yell at him at on the "on the hunt," link and you can enjoy the presence of jonathan hunt. a deadly heat wave is causing so much misery in the center of the country settling over the east coast and the national weather service is reporting the heat wave could be to blame for 13 deaths. take a look at what people are facing, upper 90's to triple digit temperatures from texas to the carolinas and raleigh accounts for the temperature and the humidity, check this out, heat index in newton, iowa, 129! minnesota, 1123. in north dakota, 122. taylorville, illinois, 121.
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forecasters expect more today. in chicago, double digit there, too. >>reporter: and heading to triple digits with a temperature in the shade of 98 and ozone action in the city of chicago so the air quality is another republican for folks to stay indoors. when you are exposed to this heat the experts say what you really have to watch out for is not only is the exposure but some of the early morning signs that something is wrong. >> if you have muscle cramps, you feel you are light headed and dizzy, and you want to vomit, if you have muscle cramps, or if you have noticed you stopped sweating, those are dangerous signs to stop and listen to your body. >> certainly the elderly are susceptible to heat-related problems but young people could
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be even worse because their body mass is so much smaller based, compared with the mass of their skin so they are not likely to be conscious of the factors that could cause them to be ill. >>shepard: power problems? >>reporter: not yet. the grid is not maxed out probably because of the less active economy, to be frank. up north of here of chicago in the suburbs and into wisconsin they have stock markets, thunderstorms, which led to power outages and one town 9,000 points with electrical power in a day where temperatures were expected to reach over 100 and the thunderstorms are expected to continue throughout the region as the heat moves east. >>shepard: more on the mysterious deaths of the mansion in california. but, someone who has a lot of ties to the police department
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conducting the investigation is up next. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: and now more on the two deadly and bizarre incidents at a california mansion of a millionaire drug company executive. the executive is back home in arizona making funeral arrangements for his son. i reported that the six-year-old, max, died sunday a week after the cops say he fell down a flight of stairs. they thought it was an accident. and maybe it is. but somebody else is dead. just days after he fell someone found the body of the executive's girlfriend hanging. her hands and feet were tied and a suggestion it was suicide. a member of the girlfriend's family denied she would kill herself. and a retired homicide
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detectsive for san diego right next door, is all nor of "i'm in the tub, gone," a collection of suicide letters. rick have you ever seen anybody tie his own hands and feet and hang by a rope? >>guest: well, it is not out of the realm of possibility but i have not seen that and it would be rather unusual. >>shepard: what is the thinking? you know the cops? >>guest: well, this is a woman of asian background and she obviously they are modest people and the body was found nude so apparently suicide is actually a personal thing, if a person is angry with themself or the situation and they look to be more reclusive than to do it in such a public action. >>shepard: first the kid fell down the stairs or that was the story and that could be what
3:16 pm
happened, and then the woman is dead, what do you see behind this? this death, this display of this woman naked and hanging ... that's tough. you wonder, revenge or something? >>guest: it absolutely seems to be that somebody was trying to make a statement by this whole thing. if it was just the fact that the hands or feet were tied that is one thing but when the body is nude, put on public display over a balcony, it appears that there would be some form of a message being sent. >>shepard: being careful not to point any fingers at all there are facts which we ought to go through. the fact is when this man was married to his ex-wife, the mother of this child, there were calls of domestic abuse from both the husband and the wife. >>guest: correct. >>shepard: what do you make of that? >>guest: that has to be taken into consideration.
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it may have in relative advance to the case whatever. but it would be part of the investigation. and certainly it would have to looked into. >>shepard: and the matter if someone was involved with the boy's death and what happened after that may have been revenge over something to do with the little by's death. what do you thing of these possibilities? >>guest: that, too, would be a possible. there could have been a person what was assigned as a caregiver and maybe they are not doing their job or not paying attention and there could have been a lot of animosity created. >>shepard: what do we know over the police contacts with jonah shacknai. >>guest: he is preparing, apparently, for one funeral, and, then, a secondary funeral,
3:18 pm
as well, but ... i think he so far is acting appropriately and i am sure there they will be in close contact with the police department. they have very competent investigators who will take their time and try to piece this whole thing together. >>shepard: it is a story we will follow, the tragic death of a little boy and the hanging death of a girlfriends in a very well protected community where stuff like this frankly just does not happen. thank you, rick, from san diego, rather, from los angeles this afternoon, thank you. a computer expert testified during the casey anthony murder trial now is denying the report that he criticized how the prosecution handled evidence. specifically, the google search on the home computer. remember the searches for chloroform, reports of dozens and dozens of searches? "new york times" quoted the expert saying he told
3:19 pm
prosecutors of a problem with the software that made it appear someone searched for the chemical 84 times but that is not what happened. despite what you her in the time there was only one search they now tell us. "new york times" quoted him as saying the state never corrected the record in court but the state knew better. the prosecutors through say they did and they deny doing anything wrong. heroic united states marine will receive the medal of honor. one of a handful to get it while still alive. stay tuned. us d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements.
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the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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medal of honor to a marine, and he attempted to find and rescue his fellow servicemen fighting in eastern afghanistan in 2009, and now live from the pentagon with his story. another living medal of honor recipient, take us through his story, jennifer. >> the first living marine in 41 years to be given the medal of on, the highest for valor. he was based on the border with pakistan and afghanistan in september of 2009 and a scout sniper at the time. his unit was on route to meet elders and they were ambushed and he was hit with shrapnel but he tried five times end fire to try and find three missing marines and one navy corpsman and when he did reach them they had been shot and they were stripped of their gear but he still managed underfire in the kill zone to carry each of them out so that they could be taken
3:24 pm
home, given a proper burial, and it is a bittersweet ending for corporal meyer who lives in austin, texas and was given a call by president obama on monday to be told that he would receive this honor. >>shepard: and reluctant hero. >> absolutely, the marine corps times interviewed him in november and he like so many others showed remarkable humility of the recipients. take a listen. >> i feel we are the furthest from a hero, and i went in there to do a job and the way i view it, i let those goes down, but the war would be for them and for the corps, for the marines and for marines who did not recognized because there were not enough witnesses that is what it is for. >> he got out of the mains less than a year after the incident and says he is considering rejoining the marineses and has been a contractor ever since but he still shows some of the signs of the stress and sadness caused
3:25 pm
by this event in eastern afghanistan on the border with pakistan. >>shepard: great thanks to him and all the men and women who serve so well. thank you. lighter note, look at this. water is lifting the car. a burst of floodwater from a storm that rammed through a sewer line in montreal forcing through a manhole and physically picking up the back of the car. thunderstorms flooded homes and toppled trees and trapped many vehicles. and had was another storm in the region yesterday and knocked out powers to tens of throughs of people. in minute troll. -- in montreal. the suspected ft. hood shooter appearing in court and an announcement that we will bring to you next. and bull body airport scanner,
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or risk factors such as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods nsaids, including celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulnamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history anfind an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. the ft. hood in court for the first time since officials decided to pursue the death pen at the hearing starting any
3:30 pm
minute. nadal hassan is accused of killing 13 and wounding dozens in the massacre at the texas army post. and now our reporter is at ft. hood. what is the pup of the hearing? >>reporter: today's hearing is an arraignment underway any minute. under military law nadal hassan must plead not guilty because he faces the death penalty and the hearing will not take long but for the soldiers who treated the wounded in 2009 they say this day has been a long time coming. listen. >> what makes me feel ... good ... is that this day has come and he has been arraigned and we know a trial will ensue. so in that regard i feel justice has started to turn its wheels. >> there are dozens of witnesses would say they saw nadal hassan
3:31 pm
shot his fellow soldiers november 5th, 2009. he is paralyzed from the waste down after responding officers shot him. >>shepard: we just learned that dr. nadal hassan's lawyer is stepping down from the case? >>reporter: you are right. he, we just learned, has decided to take a leave of abc. he is not specifying why but he release add statement and i quote, "over the past year my family and i have been vilified by many for defending major nadal hassan and it was, however, one of the most disinterested actions of my life and the best pieces of service i have ever rendered my country," and he was a former colonel would retired from the army in 2001 and to put this in perspective, he was actually recruited by nadal hassan's older brother, personally asked, to represent major nadal hassan.
3:32 pm
>>shepard: and now to the legal panel, former prosecutor arthur aidala. what do you make of the lawyer stepping down, drew? >>guest: well, it is sad people would vilify somebody that is defending somebody's constitutional right no matter how horrible the act is. we just got through seeing this with the defense attorney in the casey anthony murder trial and people want to vilify people that are defending. this is such a hard job and requires such devotion. i'm sad this happened to a colleague and my thoughts go out to him for a year of doing work no one wants to. >>shepard: everyone has to have a defense. >>guest: and he does, he leaves himself the opportunity to come back into the case and said he will be following it and looked forward to being back involved again. so i don't, he doesn't made
3:33 pm
clear if it is personal, health or any other reason why he is not there. today, up like a regular arraignment in state or federal court it is more complicated in military court. the judges do entertain motions of pretrial items that usually in state and federal court they do not. so it is a shame a lawyer will not be there today for such a crucial part of the defense. >>shepard: on the case itself, in this proceeding, it is widely believed, that the nod is toward the prosecution, more so than in civilian court, right? >>guest: yes, they, all the rules evidence in the court-martials are based on the federal rules of evidence which a juror will testify to greatly favor the prosecution. here even more is. to give an example, not in a death penalty case but in others the jury does not have to reach a unanimous verdict and just needs a majority verdict. so, if that doesn't tell you how
3:34 pm
the evidence or the rules of the game are weighted, i don't know what will. >>guest: another thing, to take into account, with lead counsel stepping down we heard a witness talk about they are ready for this case to take on and for justice to be pursued but the breaks have to go on right now. when you have lead counsel on any case, whether military, state or federal jurisdiction, there has to be a "pause," or slowing down in the proceedings and for those idiots that sent letters and hate mail to this lead lawyer that wanted this to get going they hurt their own cause. >>shepard: but first what they have do for is establish whether nadal hassan understood at the time of shooting the difference between what is right and wrong. >>guest: absolutely. and it is a two-fold process and it is important for people to
3:35 pm
understand. first, you have to look at whether at the time the incident took place he was able to distinguish right from wrong. and, second, they need to know whether right now he understands the nature of the proceed ensure against him and he can assist the counsel, whoever that turns out to be, in defending him. >>guest: the information i have is the initial evaluation do not support the fact that he did not know right from wrong, and, in fact, he knew exactly what he was doing and that he will be found to be able to stand trial. he will pass both tests. he knew when he was pulling the trigger what he was doing and he knows now and he can help his attorney. >>shepard: the attorney would will lead this for the military will discuss his right to counsel and the other rights of major nadal hassan and it is about to begin at any minute. we will have a complete wrap up tonight. a condemned inmate in texas is
3:36 pm
set to be executed by the people of texas tonight. because he went on a shotting spree that he said was in retaliation for the attacks of low 9/11 and the lone survivor is begging court not to kill this man arguing the people texas should not kill him because of religious belief as a muslim tells him to forgive the convicted killer. by the way, the convict here is also asking the united states supreme court to stop the scheduled lethal injection, 41, says he went on the shooting spree targeting people of middle eastern ascent and claimed he was a patriot and in a blog posting last week he wrote "the last few days before execution have been strangely rewarding." the one victim who did not die, a muslim himself, begging the people of the state of texas,
3:37 pm
don't kill this pan under my religion killing is wrong. the feds announce ing what they call a new privacy upgrade to the full body scanners. when they take a picture of your junk and stuff, and it doesn't come your way they take a picture of your junk, and the transportation people say the new system will show more of a generic outline on the body so instead of somebody in another room looking at pictures of you in all your nakedness they will she the outline on a screen so they can watch it there and you can see it, as well, see that? it will be like that and if you wear a nice or gun it will she, there is something here, check this spot or this spot. t.s.a. agent eyeballing from another room is not necessary. >> this allows us to use that technology to detect nonmetallic
3:38 pm
devices. >>shepard: that is the t.s.a. chief talking about the underwear bomber would tried to take down an airliner over detroit. he tried but failed to detonate explosives in his underwear. and as for the scanners officials state upgrades happen over the next several months. the lawmakers in washington have been scaring us saying the country is going to come to a screeching halt if, in fact, the doubt cerealing is not raised. now there is word of progress. plus the housing market has been in the pits for year and it just got worse.
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so get the insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policyhat's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >>shepard: the housing markets is on track for the worse year
3:42 pm
since the mid-1990 dropping by 8 percent last month so on pace for fewer than five million sales worse than last year's numbers. analysts blame a number of factors: tougher lending standards, predictions the housing market will fall further and shortage of good starter homes for first time buyers. now the push to get a deal in place to solve the debt crisis. there are less than two weeks to go before the deadline to raise the government's $14.3 trillion debt ceiling. on tuesday, the so-called "gang of six," a bipartisan group of senators presented a possible solution to the mess. the president called the propose a balanced plan. what is in it? can it pass? it is wednesday so we have wednesday's with juan. what is if this thing? >>juan: well, it is interesting, almost 4-1 in terms of spending cuts to tax
3:43 pm
increases and that has the republicans right now thenning there should be a deal. what we are seeing is house republicans risk isolation so speaker boehner and cantor, especially, opposed to any tax hike headed to the white house at 5:00 this afternoon to meet with president obama. that is a key, telling point, for everybody who has been watching the negotiations. suddenly, there is something to talk about between cantor and president obama. and previously they were getting up and walking out of the room with those two. >>shepard: tea party freshmen, where are they? they are important and powerful bloc. >>juan: they are critical. this is more pressure, now, coming on to the tea party freshmen. previously i heard from them, we were elected in the 2010 midterms to cut spending not raise taxes and that is what we hear from our constituents at
3:44 pm
home and we are standing by. but today, a different song book. today they are looking at polls that show the american people including large numbers of republicans, expect them to reach a compromise to be reasonable and you are starting to hear a different tune. the added pressure from wall street, yesterday, when news of this "gang of six," deal broke, and president obama had embraced it, the stock market took off. that sent a message, again, to republicans in the freshman class that, wait, we cannot afford to anger people who are giving money to our re-election campaign. >>shepard: the market had the best day of the year yesterday on that news. there are, sometimes, opinions. and sometimes there are facts. facts can be pesky things. but the thing is, you cannot do this if you don't raise more revenue. the numbers are not there.
3:45 pm
can you not get something out of nothing. maybe they figure the that out. do they have a realization that the real problem is jobs. jobs. jobs. got to get people working. >>juan: right. part of the problem is according to the way this is presented previously from the republican side to be fair to them that they felt the size of the national debt and any possible tax increase was going to hurt the prospect of corporations that might like to hire workers so they say it was job killing proposal. now, democrats objected to that language but that was the idea, that republicans could say we're the ones standing here to get the economy going but we reached the point, now, where all all the economy its say if we go beyond the august 2nd deadline it will hurt the american economy, it will hurt everybody in visited in the stock market including the corporations, and might be we go into a far deeper recession and obviously that would mean no jobs. so, i think a lot of the
3:46 pm
dynamic, the political dynamic behind the scenes has change sod boehner and cantor are headed to the white house. we will see the embrace coming from the meeting that will be positive for those seeking a deal. but there is a little bit of pain in there such as the alternative minimum tax could be done away with and things like the deductions for charities. maybe even some homeowner deductions, second homeowners, that stuff may be done away with. there will be some pain. >>shepard: about time. we have had, for a lost americans we have had crisis without suffering, and there are a lot of people who are really suffering. got to do it. >>juan: and people don't have jobs and people want to make sure the economy as slow as it is to recover do not suffer a set back that would be self inflicted by the failure of our politicians, republicans and democrats, to be serious and get the job done on posed to all the
3:47 pm
posturing. we still have votes on things like balanced budget amendment that will never see the light of day. >>shepard: signing petitions and being politicians. >>juan: that is why people get turned off to the serious business of politics. >>shepard: done. juan, great to see you. >>juan: hang in there. >>shepard: four members of a family killed when the van fell into a huge gap in the middle of a highway. and a leopard. a help ordinary on -- a leopard on a rampage. attacked a dozen people.
3:48 pm
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>>shepard: a family tragedy in wyoming. a woman and her three young daughters all killed when their van drove into a washed out section of a highway in southern wyoming. the department of transportation says this is the picture of the scene. the family from colorado only one person survived. the father. and now that step. >>guest: such a sad story. debris in the creek blocked the large culverts that run water under the highway causing the creek to tear through this roadway opening that 25' and 9 foot not deep and the floodwaters swept the van downstream submerging it up to the rooftop and the mother and her daughters, ages eight, five, and two all drowned and only the gather, alex, survived after he managed to escape. his wife and beloved children were later found inside the van by message officials who were all wearing their seatbelts or
3:52 pm
in child seats. friends and neighbors are in shock and devastated for him. >> i and not begin to imagine what he is going through right now. you are on a family vacation enjoying life and having a great time and a couple hours you have lost everything. >> neighbors placed can dallass and flowers at the family home to show their support. >>shepard: there was a second incident, as well? >>guest: really, between this one and the second one, minutes went by after the family van was carried away and a local emergency management official responding to the first accident hit the same wash out and plunged into the creek. the red vehicle. at one point the water washed over his car but the water inside what no higher than his waist and he survived. flooding in wyoming this spring and summer has been blamed for two other deaths. >> thank you, from new york
3:53 pm
city, officials at a national park believe three visitors are dead after being swept in a raging waterfall there. it is east of san francisco and witnesses say all three of them ignored warning signs at the falls and crossed a barricade to pose for photographs. one of the witnesses saw a man holding a screaming girl and another girl took their picture and soon after they all fell. the park rescue and search rangers say they are now looking downstream for their bodies. >> a leopard on the loose terrorizing villagers in india, a massive animal, mauling nearly a dozen people before wildlife officials got it under control. here is another shot. looking like he is about to pounds. that is a big, big cat. >> one mad shepard. look at rangers firing the
3:54 pm
gunshots. the rangers, you can see them firing, they were trying to drive it back into the sanctuary and it was terrorizing the village and they got a tranquilizer in it but not before it had injured a lot of people and some of the villager stabbed the leopard with knives and the leopard actually died from the injuries after the tranquilizer dart was fired at it. but, frightening time for everybody in the village. >>shepard: they took it to an animal hospital. >> they got the dart into it but it had been injured so badly by some of the villagers trying to protect themselves that it later died. >>shepard: thank you, sir. two gives calling 9-1-1 to report a break in, right? and they end up in handcuffs themselves.
3:55 pm
wait until you hear how this went down.
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>>shepard: nasa will retire atlantis when it gets back to earth, checking out perfectly opt last full day on orbit before the last landing of the space shuttle with the 30 year program ending the shuttle will touch down a few minutes before 6:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow with a live report from kennedy space center on the fox report tonight. plus, you can watch the final landing before dawn on fox news channel at 5:00 a.m. eastern as you go to bed tomorrow night in los angeles at 2:00 a.m. so enjoy. before we wrap things up another thing for the dumb criminals file. brian johnson and brian austin called 9-1-1 from their home yesterday morning to report there were intruders. officers responded and realized
3:59 pm
there were no intruders, and they believed the two bring bris were hallucinating, probably from the methamphetamine laboratory they found in the home. the sheriff spokesman put it "they were so high they called 9-1-1 on themselves." public service. that's it for "studio b" on wednesday afternoon. nice to have you. back for the fox report tonight, 6:00 in oxford, the dow down just a little bit today, probably wait telling see what washington does. but listen to this: the folks from zillow ran the opening day, the online real estate company thing, and they never made a profit but, today, its shared doubles and it is worth $1 billion. zillow. is that a bubble,

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